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Post-graduation course


In Depth reviews for Palliative Care and non Palliative Care Health Professionals: Focus on Non-Cancer Patients 

 january to june 2018 

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There is a growing acknowledgement, based on research and clinical experience, of the need for palliative care to go beyond cancer populations. This is highlighted by the World Health Organization when it states that Palliative Care is not only for cancer patients but for all persons who have a life-threatening condition.

Only 5% to 10% of deaths occur suddenly and unexpectedly. The majority of deaths follow longer illness trajectories related to conditions such as cancer, organ failure, dementia and frailty. In many developed countries the former three account for up to 70% of deaths.

Patients with non-cancer progressive incurable illnesses face as many needs, and sometimes even more, than patients with cancer diagnoses. Their illness trajectories are also often more prolonged and less predictable than cancer patients with advanced disease. To meet these needs, health care professionals have to equip themselves with competencies that allow them to better care for patients with progressive, incurable illnesses, whether the patients have cancer or non-cancer diagnoses.


The “Lisbon Series” is open to any health care professional who is interested in acquiring additional knowledge and skills in this area, whether he/she works in a specialist palliative care service or not. All health professionals, no matter what specialty area, are invited to attend. Professionals working in areas such as palliative care, internal medicine, emergency care, intensive care, cardiology, pneumology, nephrology, neurology, geriatrics, to mention only a few, are particularly welcome. All other disciplines are also welcome.

The “Lisbon Series” will be held between january and june 2018.
The program will be held in English.Total Number of ECTS: 20 
Total of 100 classroom hoursEach of the modules that make up the full course will last between 1 to 3 days, depending on the topics.

Classes are lectured in english but evalution will be in portuguese.


Schedule: Modules will, with some exceptions, generally be held approximately every 3 weeks on Friday afternoons (14:00-18:00h) and Saturdays (full day, from 9:00-18:00h).  

Program and Teachers (to be available soon) 


Applications open until the 15th of december 2017 

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Minimum of 25 applicants.  

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Instituto de Ciências da Saúde

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